HIIT Workout

Lose That Flab; Intensify Your Workout

Exercising, at least, a couple of hours a week is a necessity. You cannot escape it if you want to lead a healthy life. The long formed sedentary habits you may have no hope of distancing yourself from.

Consequently, you need to care for your body more. There are various workouts that you can try on your own. But none of them are as satisfying as the High-Intensity Interval Training program.

The people in the bodybuilding world have not stopped loving the HIIT since its introduction. An excellent training program that gives not only definite results in terms of weight loss but also promotes a healthy body, what more do you need?

What is HIIT

What Is HIIT Exactly?

If there is any exercise module ever so carefully examined and strategized, it would be High-Intensity Interval Training. This is a method of working out that gives you powerful anaerobic exercise for a short interval of time. It also includes shorter recovery or revival periods in between.

Out of all the training programs, most effort is required for HIIT. The period per session is between 4 and 30 minutes, depending on the intensity level.


Some Protocols Of HIIT

There are different routines that you can follow. All of these are based on studies and have already been tried and tested.

  • Running enthusiasts can go for the Peter Coe regimen. It is a proven to help in athletics.
  • If you are a really eager participant, you can go for the Tabata Regimen; though this term is used for many other protocols apart from the original.
  • If you are a novice to the bodybuilding world, you must opt for the less intense routine version of the Gibala regimen.
  • Timmons regimen lasts only about 3 minutes.

Evaluate Before Stepping In The Training Program

Before starting anything, you must make a list of pros and cons. To do this, you need to research about it properly. HIIT requires a lot of strength, even though it lasts only for minutes.

Different people are born with different capabilities. The physical strain may be too much to bear for some people. A slow start and steady pace are the keys to success in HIIT.

no over do

Over Doing Is Bad

You may be tempted to go for a longer exercise session or do this more frequently than is advised. But it is not a good idea. Risking body pain or muscle strain is not worth it when it comes to HIIT.

Do only as much is possible for you. Resist the lure of faster results. Start with body weight exercises to avoid over working yourself.

The Variations

Each of you can go for the HIIT method. Regardless of age or gender, you can find yourself benefitting from it in some way. It is your physical health that needs to be taken into account before signing up for High-Intensity Interval Training. Consulting a doctor before is a good idea.

Something For Everybody On The Internet

Now you do not have to book a session with a professional trainer if you want to avoid paying a huge amount of money. You could use the World Wide Web instead. The Internet is filled with all types of HIIT workout programs.

Each is unique in its own way. Some use just body weight; some go for Zumba dancing and for some you may need expensive equipment. Finding a suitable one is not that difficult at all. Go for the one that you will enjoy the most.


Mixing It Up

A large number of people across the world find that it is better to workout with other people as it gives motivation. It is no different when going for the High-Intensity Interval Training program.

Joining a class will help you push yourself. It will also be more enjoyable this way.

Healthy Heart

Effects On The Heart

There was a study conducted in 2015 involving adults of age between 18 and 48. It showed that their cardiac health improved significantly because of HIIT. This program was also found to be very effective in livening up the functions of blood vessels in the body.

Other Benefits

  • Body builders will be happy to know that HIIT shows better increase in muscle mass than cardio.
  • You can look forward to fat loss along with weight loss if you are consistent with HIIT.
  • The fat reduction continues even after you have stopped working out.
  • The time consumed in the exercise is less, so all you lazy people will have no excuses to give.
  • Blood glucose levels and insulin resistance of your body also tend to decrease.


The above reasons are good enough for you to at least attempt to follow a good HIIT training program for a few weeks. Post that; you can decide on your own once you see the results with your own two eyes.


Can anyone become a professional bodybuilder?

Unfortunately, not anyone can become a professional bodybuilder. You must be lucky enough to have the genetics. If you don’t have the natural X-shaped body with wide shoulders and narrow hips, you cannot be a professional bodybuilder. Without these body features, no drastic improvements can be made on the body.

If you are lucky enough to have the genetics to be a professional body builder, then you should start working on the following.

Training and eating

You should give enough emphasis on training. You need to find extra time for training. But for that you don’t need to give up your job. You can still work part time. If you are a student, it’s a good idea to take a distance-learning program. That way, you will have enough time for training. You shouldn’t give up your studies. You must have a college degree at least. Not everyone can become a successful professional bodybuilder. So, in case you fail, you can still get some work with your educational background. You also need to change your eating habit. The best option for you is to hire a personal professional trainer who can train you up, and also look after your nutritional chart.


Participate in contests

Experience counts. So, you should take part in as many small and local competitions as you can before you hit the big ones. By participating in these competitions, you will find out how your body will react to stress and dieting. Experience also helps in the ‘posing’ part of the contest.


You must evaluate your goals. After participating in each contest, evaluate the reactions of the audiences and judges; for example, whether they laughed at you or gave positive feedback. Remember the feedback and try to improve.

Get Noted

You need to build up connections in order to get noted. But if you have a great physique, then it will speak for itself.

Being a professional bodybuilder is tough. Only a handful of people can become professional bodybuilder. If you think you have everything in you to become one, then go for it!


4 most effective workouts to build lean muscle

Going to gym twice a week is good, but if you want to maintain the muscle and add some more, then you need to go to the more often; ideally 4-5 times a week. Besides going to gym, here are some very effective workouts that will let you build lean muscles.

Compound Movements

These include squats, overhead presses, deadlifts, and pull-ups are very effective. They use a lot of muscle and provide mass building benefits. You will be able to add more weight to your bar when you exercise. This will help to develop your muscles.

Targeted Isolation Movement

Practice bicep curls and calf raises. These movements help to bring up lagging body parts. These movements are not as stressful as squats, so you will find the exercise more comfortable.

Dumbbell row

It strengthens shoulders, back and biceps. It actively engages the core throughout the movement. This creates balance on both sides of the body.

Incline push

It is an upper body exercise. It targets the chest, shoulders and triceps. The incline angle places extra emphasis on the triceps and lower chest.

These four workouts are particularly targeted to improve your lean muscles. You need to make the habit of doing these exercises regularly. You should select a good gym that has good equipment and instructor who can guide you and monitor your progress in building your lean muscles.


3 essential personal characteristics of professional bodybuilder

Being a bodybuilder is not an easy task. It requires determination and lots of hard work. It also requires support from your family and friends. Here are the main three personal traits that every bodybuilder must have.



Bodybuilders should never give up on their goal no matter where life may take them. There will be ups and downs in life, but bodybuilders need to stay persistent. They must have lots of patience.

Vision and focus


They have a clear vision and do everything it takes to achieve it. They visualize results. They visualize winning competitions day and night. Then they focus on where they want to go in the sport. They work out a step by step plan in detail on how to become a champion.



Discipline is very essential in bodybuilding. Nothing distracts a bodybuilder. For example, if your friends are going out for dinner and you need to train yourself, then you should not go with your friends. They build up the habit of doing the same thing every day. A lot of things need to be sacrificed in order to become a good bodybuilder.

Apart from having these characteristics, you must believe in yourself. Believing in yourself gives confidence and this self confidence will take you a long way.